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Chocolate blueberry cupcakes with chocolate blueberry truffle and blueberry frostingButterfinger CupcakesBlueberry lemon buttermilk pancake with maple buttercream and candied bacon Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes with Mocha Hazelnut Buttercream



Cupcakes like no other
Almond cardamom mini cupcakes with lavender honey buttercream and almond pralines
Ancho and cayenne French toast cupcake with maple buttercream
Apple chai cupcakes
Apple cider cupcakes
Autumn Maple Sweet Potato Cupcakes
Autumn spice cupcakes with vanilla frosting
Beer caramel spice cupcakes featuring Iron Hill Brewery’s Winter Warmer
Benne wafer cupcakes
Bird’s nest cupcakes
Black pepper vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and balsamic swirled vanilla frosting
Blackberry crumble cupcakes
Bloody mary cupcakes
Blueberry lemon buttermilk pancake cupcakes
Buckeye cupcakes: Peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate buttercream
Butterfinger cupcakes
Butternut squash cupcakes with cinnamon pear balsamic buttercream and toasted butternut seeds
Candy cane cupcakes
Caramel apple with salted caramel buttercream cupcakes
Caramel cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream
Caramel apple maple oat crisp cupcakes
Carrot cupcakes
Cherry limeade cupcakes
Chocolate blueberry cupcakes
Chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with nutella frosting
Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes
Chocolate-covered cherry cupcakes
Chocolate-covered pretzel cupcakes with salted chocolate frosting
Chocolate cupcakes with cherry buttercream
Chocolate dipped chocolate stout cupcakes with orange curd filling and orange meringue frosting
Chocolate dipped s’mores cupcakes
Chocolate framboise cupcakes
Chocolate ganache-dipped orange chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate Kahlua cupcakes with mocha hazelnut buttercream
Chocolate stout bacon cupcake with brown butter frosting and candied bacon
Chocolate whiskey a-go-go cupcakes
Chocoholic cupcakes
Cinnamon cappuccino cupcakes
Cinnamon dulce de leche cupcakes
Coffee House Special cupcakes
Compost Cookie cupcakes with malted chocolate buttercream
Cotton candy cupcakes
Cranberry white chocolate cupcakes
Dark & Stormy cupcakes
Death by razzy chocolate cupcakes
Dirty chai cupcakes
Earl grey cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream
Eclairs cupcakes
Figgy pudding cupcakes with boozy brandy icing
Gimlet cupcakes
Gingerbread cupcakes with double ginger frosting
Hot toddy cupcakes
Junior Mints cupcakes
Le Bleu Royale: Chocolate bleu cheese cupcake with vanilla and chocolate BBQ sauce frostings
Lemon blast cupcakes with blackberry brandy frosting
Lemon-limoncello cupcakes
Lemon meringue pie cupcakes
Malted milk ball cupcakes
Maple French toast cupcakes
Mango cupcakes with lime curd and honey mango buttercream
Milky Way cupcakes
Mocha cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting
Mocha espresso cupcakes
Mocha pumpkin cupcakes with espresso buttercream
Mojito cupcakes
Mulled wine cupcakes
NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover cupcakes
NERDS candy cocktail cupcakes with gin and lemon
Oatmeal raisin cookie cupcakes with oatmeal stout frosting
Orange honey buttercream cupcakes
Orange mini cupcakes with miso caramel buttercream
‘Parrot’ cupcakes with ginger cream cheese frosting
Peach extravaganza cupcakes
Peanut butter cup cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and peanut butter drizzle
Peanut butter banana mousse cupcakes
Peppermint mocha cupcakes
Pina colada cupcakes with rum buttercream
Pink grapefruit cupcakes filled with grapefruit curd
Pumpkin chai latte cupcakes with vanilla buttercream
Pumpkin pecan sandie cupcakes
Raspberry Chambord hydrangea cupcakes with truffle filling
Red wine mocha cupcakes
Root beer float cupcakes
Sriracha chocolate cupcakes
Smoked chocolate cupcakes with pecan praline filling and vanilla frosting
Sour cherry cupcakes with lemon buttercream
Spiced pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin mousse and brown sugar maple cream cheese frosting
Spicy mango madness cupcakes
Strawberry lemonade cupcakes
Sweet potato maple pecan pie cupcakes
Sweet potato cupcakes with maple meringue
Tiramisu cupcakes
Triple chocolate cupcakes
Twix cupcakes
Vanilla bean cakes with chocolate mousse and Irish cream frosting
Vanilla cupcakes with apricot filling and toasted meringue
Vanilla cupcakes with mocha chocolate chip cookie dough frosting
Vanilla chocolate raspberry delight cupcakes
Vanilla, fig and bergamot cupcakes
Vegan pineapple sriracha cupcakes with coconut frosting
Whiskey-soaked Irish potato cupcakes with Irish cream frosting
Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year cupcakes
Year of the Snake Chinese red bean, sesame and miso cupcakes

Vanessa's Birthday Cake: Lemon cake with strawberry compote and strawberry buttercreamLemon lady grey bundt cake with lemon icing367414000801426488_964490 Blueberry Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Truffle Filling



Cakes of epic proportions
Blueberry chocolate cake with blueberry truffle filling
Gin-soaked gimlet cake
Kraken-soaked Caribbean rum cake
LaPhroaig-infused chocolate cake with sour cherries, chocolate buttercream and ganache
Lemon cake with strawberry compote filling and strawberry buttercream
Lemon lady grey bundt cake with lemon icing
Mango cakes with mango lavender honey mousse and strawberry balsalmic vinegar
Manhattan Cake
Maple pecan cake with honey custard filling and brown butter frosting
Portal Cake

Apple pie with sour cherriesCherry cheese pieHazelnut praline dutch apple pie 515797717218634940_964490




Pies oh my!
Caramel apple pecan praline pie
Cherry cheese pie
Cherry hand pies
Hazelnut praline dutch apple pie
Lazy lemon pie with rosemary lavender whipped cream
Peach blueberry pie
Peach pie with an almond and pecan praline
Praline pecan peach pie
Sour cherry imperial IPA galette
Tiny lemon curd pies
Vegetarian-friendly mincemeat pie

Dinosaur sugar cookies in strawberryPig-kissed chocolate chip cookiesYummy SPLICE cookie Stegosaurus sugar cookies with root beer icing




Cookies to nibble and nom
Carrot cake cookies with cream cheese drizzle
Chai sugar cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Easter bunny oatmeal raisin cookies
Chocolate pretzel cookies
Chocolate toffee chip cookies with almonds and smoked sea salt
Dark chocolate caramel corn delights
Dinosaur sugar cookies with royal icing
Ethiopian Sidamo coffee sugar cookies
Kalamata olive savory shortbread bites
Orange and cacao nib shortbread
Pig-kissed chocolate chip cookies
Stegosaurus sugar cookies with root beer icing
Sugar cookies with lemonade icing
Swedish gingerbread cookies
Vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Wyoming Whoppers

Orange toffee brioche knotsRosemary paprika candied walnutsCranberry almond scones with lemon curd

Salted Caramel Corn


Pastries, confections and goodies galore
Apple butter twirls
Apple walnut chai pancakes
Apple cider doughnuts
Brookie lovechilds

Brown ale cake balls
Brown ale pretzel caramels
Chinese 5 spice cinnamon buns
Chocolate Java Head stout truffles
Chocolate mousse spiked with Dogfish Head chocolate vodka
Chocolate whoopie pie with mint filling
Cranberry almond scones with lemon curd
Everything bagels
Golden sugar toffee with chocolate and sel gris
Habanero caramel corn
Homemade chocolate and peppermint gifts
Kolaches with sweet cream cheese filling and crystallized ginger streusel
Mango almond [cupcake] bread pudding
Mocha cake balls with salted caramel buttercream
Orange toffee brioche knots
Pretzel crust brownies with salted caramel
Pumpkin bars with bourbon sea salt caramel and bacon
Salted caramel corn
Spodee & Joe cake balls
Spodee Manhattan cake balls
Spodee Neat cake balls
Rosemary paprika candied walnuts
Strawberry curd
Strawberry lime scones
Strawberry shortcake
Sweet potato sage scones


  1. Wow, so many cupcake recipes! I found your website through The Cricket Project and though I would cruise through and look at some of your cupcake recipes, but there are so many. I am going to have to bookmark your site and check back often! :)

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