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Melissa Ward, the Original Squirrelly Girl

Melissa Ward, the original Squirrelly Girl and baker

It all began when I brought in cupcakes to work for some of my favorite co-workers. It was a Friday.

They were thrilled, and I jokingly said, “It’s CUPCAKE Friday!”

Kyle or Mike C. (can’t remember who exactly), said every Friday should be a Cupcake Friday. I laughed and said unless they were going to give me money to buy baking supplies, I’d be in the poorhouse real quick.

A donation for cupcake supplies? Sure, why not?

And so the idea was born.

I’ve been baking since I was old enough to help my Grandma Betty in the kitchen. At her elbow, I learned the art of cookie baking. I’m the great granddaughter of Emma North, a woman who made wonderful pies and knew myriad different ways to use dough scraps to make mini treats. She taught my mom, Linda, the art of not wasting anything—every drop of batter has its purpose. Baking is in my blood and I’m good at it.

Cupcake Friday Project came to life Jan. 28, 2011 and was my springboard into opening a bakery. It was my test kitchen for recipes, it’s a way to take risks on a small scale and learn from my triumphs and mistakes.

In 2015, I decided I was ready for a small change. Friends tease me that I’m a Squirrel Whisperer, and the idea of a bakeshop called Squirrelly Girl or Squirrelly Girl Bakes is just too cute. So here I am. The content is a little less cupcake heavy, but will always focus on wonderful baking, made from scratch.

If you’re interested in commissioning some baked goods or want to learn more, contact me at melomel82@gmail.com


  1. I stumbled across your blog when I searched “salted mocha cake” on google. I am SO HAPPY that I stumbled across this. Your blog is amazing! I love baking (and wish I could do it more often but I also have 2 jobs that I am juggling) and it is so inspiring to see you experiment with different flavors because that is also my pitch as someone that bakes cake pops on the side. I don’t like the cookie cutter ideas and would rather create something that’s different. Thanks for sharing your baking experiences with us.

    • Thank you Zsa Zsa for your kind words! I do strive to bake with passion and creativity, though the ability to make a well-executed traditional cupcake is just as important. I like to think of myself as the Dogfish Head of cupcakes :)

  2. Francesca Lobban

    March 1, 2012 at 1:44 am

    I have just found your Blog. It’s lovely. Thank you for sharing all of your exciting recipes and creations. I will definitely be ‘visiting’ again soon and I now Like you on Facebook :) Wishing you lots of continued success – I hope your dreams of owning your own business come true for you soon.

    • Thank you Francesca for the kind words! Glad to have you visiting…feel free to drop by the blog of FB page anytime and suggest some flavor ideas!

  3. I found your blog while googling a gin cupcake recipe and I LOVE IT! You have amazing, intricate recipes and photos with some very intriguing flavor combinations. Awesome!

  4. I saw you on G+ (it was those Junior Mint cupcakes, grrrl!) and so I had to have a look-see. So lovely. What a well-concepted blog. Sounds silly to type those words, but it’s true. It’s inviting and engaging, this little sugar vortex. You have a new fan.

    • Why thank you! This is high praise, and I appreciate hearing it so much! Maybe sometime we can collaborate on a wine and cheese cupcake? I’ve used chevre as a filling before, and it was looooooovely.

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