Cupcakes from Swirls, East Aurora
The first cupcakes we enjoyed on our Buffalo/Toronto vacation were at Swirls Cupcakery in East Aurora, one of the cutest little WNY towns! After spending some time skating at the outdoor ice skating rink (well, Rach and Ray were the ones that really skated … I hobbled along in a slighty-panicked fashion, since I hadn’t been up on skates in close to 8 years), we decided go across the street and try some cupcakes.

Swirls opened in 2011, and seems to be a blossoming bakery, even if it is tucked behind the East Aurora main street favorite coffee house Taste (which is also fantastic and features desserts from Butterwood in Buffalo). Fun fact: The cupcakery was founded by Michael Wulf at age 18. Now I just feel old.

Anyway, on to the cupcakes! After chatting with the very knowledgable and friendly counter staff, we selected 3 flavors to share.

We dug into the Caramel Apple cupcake first, which was a seasonal flavor. It was described as a vanilla cake with apple bits, a caramel infused filling and vanilla buttercream topped with caramel. The cake was very fragrant and moist, but could have used a bit more apple (the 3 of us are huge apple fans). The frosting was sweet and vanillay, but not over the top. A nice introduction to the shop.

Next, we tried the Red Velvet cupcake, mainly because I was intrigued when one of the counter girls explain that it was made with a special imported cocoa with a distinct taste. As we all know, I don’t really care for Red Velvet because I don’t see the wow factor. They always tend to taste like “cake” to me. However, in this instance, she was right–I got a really interesting cocoa flavor from the cake. Like the Caramel Apple cupcake, this cake was moist, but I think the cream cheese frosting could have used a bit more tang. Overall, we were impressed. A Red Velvet cupcake with some flavor!

We finished our sampling with the Mocha cupcake, described as a chocolate cake topped with a mocha espresso buttercream. We noticed this one to be a smidge drier than other cakes, but still good. Interestingly, the mocha espresso butter cream was almost a little boozy … the flavor was good, but hard to place. I verified that the cupcakery does not use any alcohol in that particular cupcake, so it left me wondering how they managed the unique floral chocolateyness.

For the first cupcakes on our trip, these were a good start. The shop was cute and well decorated, the staff were friendly and helpful (nothing is worse than a counter person who acts like they have no desire to wait on you, and trust me, I’ve been to a few bakeries like that), and the cupcakes were a nice treat to follow our ice skating. I highly suggest checking out Swirls in East Aurora, NY if you’re in the area!
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