Brown Betty Dessert Boutique cupcakes
A few weeks ago we were in the Northern Liberties section of Philly and decided to have dinner at one of our favorite pubs, Standard Tap. On our walk over, we passed by one of Brown Betty Dessert Boutique’s three locations. We decided on our way back after dinner we’d pop in, grab a couple of cupcakes to go, and have dessert at home.

It was pretty close to closing time, but there were a few cupcakes left. I selected Alice Two Step and Aunt Eva Says. The girl behind the counter packaged them up and we headed home, eager to try cupcakes from one of the city’s favorite bakeries.

The Alice Two Step is an almond poundcake with chocolate frosting and almond slivers. According to Ray, the chocolate frosting tasted a little boozy, but I failed to notice that. Instead, I thought the frosting tasted a lot like what you can buy on supermarket shelves, a la Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker. Not my fave. The cake was very, very almondy with a crumb fitting a pound cake (i.e., not very tender and of medium moisture level).

Next, we moved on to Aunt Eva Says, a pineapple poundcake with cream cheese frosting and pineapple garnish. We both found the pineapple to really pop, which was a pleasant surprise. The moisture level of the cake also seemed to be better than the Alice Two Step.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed. I realize we came in toward the end of the evening, but even what was left on the shelves didn’t really impress me visually. The cupcake tops were overbaked, spilling out into an awkward shape (I tried to photograph them to hide this to make for a better photo). I think I’ll need to try Brown Betty again before I can make a full decision. To be fair, I’ll make sure I can pop over when the cupcakes are fresh and see if I agree with so many other Philly folks.
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