Lemon curd cupcake and chocolate cupcake from Cake in Chestnut HillThis past weekend while Ray was attending Game Loop in Boston, I had brunch at Cake in Chestnut Hill with my lovely friend Jen. Cake is open for weekend brunch, dinner, lunch and can host catered events, but more importantly they sell their bakes goods to go.

Once I saw the cupcakes in their glass case, I knew I’d be leaving with my own to-go box.

I selected two cupcakes: lemon curd and chocolate with vanilla frosting (it’s always good to check in on the basics). Ray and I didn’t get around to eating them until 2 nights later, which may or may not have affected their overall flavor.

We started with the lemon curd cupcake, which was filled with curd and topped with a glaze in lieu of frosting. The curd reminded me of lemon meringue pie filling in texture–it wasn’t as soft and creamy as my lemon curd–and it was very bright and citrusy. Ray thought it could have been a bit more tart.

The cake was dense with a balanced sweetness, though I could not determine if it was a vanilla or lemon cake. I really appreciated the glaze. It was slightly sweet, slightly tart, and the perfect topping for the cupcake. I think a buttercream would have been overpowering.

Then we moved on to the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. Funny enough, the cake reminded us of a most excellent box cake. It was rich, moist and not too sweet. So maybe it was just the nostalgia from our childhood talking.

The frosting was saturated with chocolate sprinkles and was a bit unnoticeable on the cupcake due to its thinness on top. I was too busy enjoying the cake to take much notice.

Overall, for $5.50, this was a nice treat from Cake. They’re not over-the-top in flavor selection, with what looked to be 4-6 different cupcakes available that Sunday. However, if cupcakes aren’t your dessert of choice, look into their variety of tarts, cakes and other decadence.
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