Crumbs Bake ShopEarlier in the year when I was slaying the demon that was the Cupcake Smash (Okay, it wasn’t demonic, and it was rather quite fun and challenging), Brianne wrote about Crumbs’ Cookie Dough cupcake. After reading her post, I knew I would need to try a Crumbs’ cupcake.

It just so happened that in late June I had to go to NYC for a conference for work. The lunch hour hit and I used my trusty iPad to track down the nearest bakeries to the Hilton New York. Lucky for me, I found one of Crumbs Bake Shop’s many locations, located on 53rd and Broadway.

Crumbs originally opened in NYC in 2003, and since then has found great success on both the East and West Coasts. On the website you can read about the owners, Mia and Jason, and how they came to open Crumbs. It gives me heart that Mia came from a profession other than the culinary world. I hope Ray and I have a similar story to share when I eventually open a bakery—and cajole him into building me a website.

Raspberry Swirl cupcake from Crumbs Bake ShopI ordered two cupcakes, the Raspberry Swirl and Cappuccino, after much mental debate and staring into the glass cases. The cupcakes staring back at me were huge and colorful. And, surprisingly, affordably priced. My purchase set me back $7.50 ($3.75 each), which seems like a steal in comparison to some oh Philly’s cupcake shops.

The Raspberry Swirl cupcake consisted of a great vanilla cake—pleasantly aromatic with a good crumb—raspberry preserve filling and a vanilla frosting with a swirl of raspberry into it. Ray and I both thought the frosting was a well-balanced buttercream, but according to Crumbs’ website, it’s actually a vanilla cream cheese frosting. Now I feel like it’s imperative I go back and re-taste the cake to see if I pick up on the cream cheese! Ray also described the cupcake as being a little doughnut-y, possibly due to the filling reminding him of jelly doughnuts.

Cappuccino cupcake from Crumbs Bake ShopThen we moved on to the Cappuccino cupcake consisting of chocolate cake, coffee filling and frosting, chocolate chip, espresso ground and cocoa powder garnish. Wow. It was an explosion of wonder and joy in our mouths. The cake was super moist, and Ray declared it one of the best chocolate cupcakes he’s ever had. I loved the frosting, which, once again we thought was a buttercream, but is hailed as coffee cream cheese on the website. The chocolate chips were a nice touch, but made the cupcake a little difficult to eat—I had to keep a small plate under my mouth the catch all the precious chocolate chips that fell off! I also think the espresso, which isn’t listed on the website, is key. It added such a wonderful flavor to the already blockbuster cupcake. Mwah!

An important thing to note is that I didn’t get to eat these cupcakes immediately. Instead, they trekked back to the Hilton with me in 90 degree heat, attended a few sessions and a product demo, rode in a cab to Penn Station, had dinner with my friend Denny, rode the train to Philly (oops! I was supposed to get off at Trenton!), then took a ride in my coworker’s car, and then our car. More than 7 hours passed since I purchased the cupcakes, but they were just as delightful as I’d hope they be. I’ll definitely hit up another one of Crumbs’ locations the next time I find myself in NYC!