Review: Philly Chocolate’s carrot cake and flourless chocolate cupcakes

Philly Chocolate cupcakes Philly Chocolate–a “confectionery lounge” from the owners of Philly Cupcake–took over the space that once was Naked Chocolate. Quite frankly, I’d rather have Naked Chocolate back.

The lounge is cute, and very typical of the Philly Cupcake crew, but it also looks a lot like Naked Chocolate. One portion of a wall is lined with candies in mason jars, which looks neat, but I’m not paying $16.50 for a quart mason jar of gummy worms.

But I’m not here to talk about the candy; let’s talk cupcakes.

I checked out Philly Chocolate with Mike C. and Kerrick roughly a week after the shop had opened. We each selected a few cupcakes. I chose the carrot cake and The Coma, which is a flourless chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream dipped in a chocolate ganache. Kerrick got the same, as well as The Massacre, a chocolate cupcake with Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter frosting.

The carrot cake cupcake had a ton of spice in the cake, which made me a happy camper. It was moist, with manageable pieces of walnut through the cake. The frosting seemed to be a simple, yet tasty, American buttercream. In comparison to Naked Chocolate’s carrot cake cupcake, it was about even in regard to flavor and look, and it met my expectations.

The Coma, however, did not. Kerrick told me that he threw his away, saying it was too dry and too bitter for his liking (he’s not a dark chocolate guy). I found the cake to be surprisingly dry to the touch and it was very dense. There was a super-rich cocoa character to the cake, which seemed to wick away any and all moisture I had in my mouth. I found it necessary to take bites of the cupcake with frosting in order to enjoy the cake, which I don’t think you should necessarily have to do. Unlike the $3 carrot cake cupcake, I did not find my $4 well spent on The Coma.

So, once again I wasn’t really wowed by the Philly Cupcake crew. I think I might give the original shop one more try before I slide them off my list. Especially since, for 50 cents more, I was able to get 2 MIND-BLOWINGLY good cupcakes from a NYC bakery the other day … stay tuned!

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  1. A few thoughts as a writer myself. First to start off a so called review with such a negative personal pointed statement such as “Frankly, I’d rather have Naked Chocolate Back,” is a willful reckless ignorant comment meant to hurt this establishment. Shame on you! You owe this place an apology in person.

    Second, you review three cupcakes and critiqued two, why? You love the carrot cupcake, but allowed a review of the coma to be tasted and commented on by a guy who dosent like dark chocolate. The Coma from my experience and as it’s marketed is a rich dark chocolate dense cupcake, just like you described and I personally think Philly Cupcake nailed this flouress creation. Further, you said nothing about the massacre or Reeses peanut butter which by the way is also to die for!

    When I visited Philly Chocolate they were awesome! And they look nothing like Naked Chocolate, by the way! Your review is not worthy of Philly Chocolate or their sister store, Philly Cupcake and I hope those very nice guys who own both establishments, have not seen such a garbage blog/review!

    They offer Phily and it’s people a fun high quality establishment and product! Pick a new profession because you could really offend good people. Shame on you!

    • Hi Martha, thanks for stopping by.

      Reviews are opinions, and this is my review of Philly Chocolate. If I didn’t say I wanted Naked Chocolate back in the first graph, I would have said it by the end.

      As for the cupcakes themselves, I only reviewed two because I only purchased the carrot cake and The Coma. I mention The Massacre because that’s what my friends purchased (just as a comment as to what else was available that day). I did not purchase The Massacre because my husband has a peanut allergy. In regard to The Coma, I mentioned my friend’s comments because he shared them with me. While I found The Coma interesting, I still found it to be surprisingly dry.

      Remember, this review is my opinion and there’s nothing wrong with me having a different opinion than you. And to note, there are other reviewers who share my opinion. And I’m sure there are plenty who share your opinion, which is totally cool.

      So Martha, who do you write for?




  3. Hey Martha, what a crock of shit response to an honest critique of some local cupcakes. The writer of this blog is simply that, so to accuse her of trying to maliciously hurt an establishment, shaming her and saying she needs to offer an apology is pretty mental. For a “writer” yourself, you don’t do a very good job of being unbiased in your opinion of what YOU think of Philly Chocolate. How much more transparent could your response be?

    Since you don’t trust the opinion of the always fair Cupcake Friday blogger, here is mine as I’ve also tried all 3 cupcakes mentioned in this review:

    1) The carrot cake was good. Easily the best cupcake they had to offer, both moist and tasty.

    2) The Coma was shit. It tasted like a mouth full of cocoa powder, the cake was dry and the icing (if you could call it that) tasted plastic. I took two bites and threw it away. Flourless or not, this was a fail.

    3) The Massacre was okay. To say that it was anything more than a cupcake with a bunch of Reese’s peanut butter cups mashed on top is silly. The flavoring was nice, the cake was fairly moist, but it wasn’t anything special. To die for? I think you need to broaden your cupcake horizons.

    Unlike you, Martha, I hope that the folks at Philly Chocolate & Philly Cupcake DO see this review/blog. All good establishments deserve to be critiqued and receive feedback from their paying customers. If they aren’t thick-skinned enough to take a bit of criticism, they probably shouldn’t be serving the public.

  4. What about the chocolate?! Does anyone care about the chocolate? It’s great to see cupcake reviews on a chocolate shop! NOT! The chocolates at this place are great! Daily it appears that they are rolling out more unique flavors. You guys may not care for the cupcakes, but give the shop an extra pass for such great chocolates!

  5. Just bought some chocolates and they were not good :( Very waxy and no taste. Godiva is better.

    • Bummer! I haven’t been back since then, but I do remember seeing the candy, specifically that quart mason jar of gummy worms for $16.50. The price alone scared me off, and the disappointing cupcakes didn’t help either.

      If you do come across a good chocolate shop in Philly, definitely drop me a line!

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