Review: Flying Monkey Patisserie’s hazelnut and pistachio cupcakes

Pistachio and Hazelnut cupcakes from Flying Moneky PatisserieOn my way to Philly Beer Camp last week, I decided to swing by the Reading Terminal Market (a.k.a, food enthusiasts’ playground). After selecting some fresno chiles, long finger hot chiles and some red bell peppers from one of the produce vendors, I decided to wind my way over to Flying Monkey Patisserie, one of the several bakeries in the Market.

FMP might be best known for it’s Pumpple Cake, a confection that, quite frankly, gives me the heebie-jeebies. It’s given the bakery a ton of press, but I wanted to see what the cupcakes were like.

There were the usual offerings of vanilla and chocolate, but I wanted to see what the outer limits would show me (though, if a bakery can’t produce solid standard flavors, they’re not worth their weight in butter), so I opted for two cupcakes—pistachio and hazelnut—knowing that Ray would enjoy the flavors as well.

Hazelnut Cupcake
The cupcake was moist (definite plus), but was more chocolate than hazelnut. It would have been nice if the tags had descriptions on them in the case, so I would have known going in. The frosting was light on hazelnut flavor, but it was there. It was a bit slick, and I couldn’t tell if butter was actually used in the frosting (someone recently told me FMP’s frostings are lard-based, but I don’t actually have that information). The praline topping got a bit lost in the frosting, but looked nice.

Pistachio Cupcake
The pistachio flavor, which was quite nice, mainly came from the frosting. When sampling the cake alone, it seemed to be your average yellow cake. Once again, not bad.

My overall thoughts? I appreciated a moist cupcake (I also ate these 24 hours after purchasing), and I find the frosting technique interesting. Would I trek back to Reading Terminal Market just for these cupcakes? No.
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  1. Only real butter in our buttercream!

  2. In soviet russia, the photo take you.

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