Philly Cupcake Cardamom Rose CupcakeI adore Philly Cupcake. I love the shop, the folks that work there and the quirk and pizazz that makes up the pink and glittery wonderland.

Typically when I pop into that cupcake haven, I pick up two Twix Dream cupcakes (chocolate cake, caramel butter cream, Twix chunks) for Ray and myself. The cake is moist, the buttercream light and caramely, and who can say no to Twix?

However, I’ve wanted to branch out, so last week I popped in and picked up a Cardamom Rose cupcake with strawberry buttercream sitting upon pistachio marzipan. I was excited. I LOVE cardamom, but to be honest, I was a bit concerned about the “rose”—I tend to hate anything scented like rose (except for actual roses) because it tends to smell artificial. Because I’ve never tasted rose water before, I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like, but hey, this is what trying new stuff is all about.

I picked up the cupcake after work, but wasn’t able to eat it until the next evening, about 24 hours later. It stayed nestled in the box with the other cakes I bought. I bit in and … disappointment.

The cake was extremely dry and crumbly, and I didn’t pick up any cardamom flavor at all, which is surprising because that’s a pretty potent spice (I also eat it in my oatmeal almost daily, so I know the flavor). The cake to frosting ratio was pretty much 1:1, but since the cake was smaller, I was able to get a full bite of cake and cream.

The buttercream’s strawberry flavor was very subtle, until I reached the middle and got a stronger hint of it. The marzipan did little else but provide a platform for the frosting.

I was bummed. Yes, this cupcake was better than the Starbucks vanilla bean cupcake, but I expected more. Perhaps not eating it immediately caused its downfall, but I’m able to bake and store cupcakes so they stay moist–shouldn’t a professional bakery do the same? Or at least inform customers that the cakes should be eaten immediately.

But don’t worry, my love affair with PC is not over. I’m sure there’s a Twix Dream cupcake there with my name on it.

Note: Somewhat related, I baked my caramel cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream the same night I ate this cupcake. It’s now a week later and I had one of the leftover cupcakes. It’s still moist and bursting with salted caramel flavor. 7 days later.
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