In the beginning … there were cupcakes

Lemon-limoncello cupcake of DOOM!I love to bake. Not just to eat the baked goods, but simply for the joy OF baking. And even moreso, I love giving people my baked goods.

Today I brought cupcakes to work, partly because I baked for my Geek Girl Dinner Group, and partly because I reneged on my offer to bring in a lemon tart this past Monday in belated celebration of National Pie Day (yes, I know a tart isn’t quite a pie). Some of my coworkers spent a majority of the week teasing me about the missing pie, so I knew if I shoved cupcakes under their noses, they’d relent.

This morning I mucked through Philadelphia snow, ice and slush in combat boots and my husband’s tuxedo jacket with tails, with a dozen lemon-limoncello cupcakes with lemon curd filling and limoncello cream cheese frosting in tow. I delivered the cakes with a smile and many faces lit up with joy and sugary anticipation. Standing around the office, I joked about some of them becoming my taste-testing guinea pigs. And an idea was born.

Cupcake Fridays: My goal, in preparation of opening a bakery in the next 2-5 years, is to bake cupcakes at least 2 Fridays out of every month in an effort to hone my skill and create a library of recipes. Mainly cupcake recipes, but I’m sure a sprinkling of cookies, muffins and other confections won’t be turned down.

Wish me luck!

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